About Debt & Mental Health

The team behind Debt & Mental Health know first-hand how debilitating mental health problems can be. Just like a physical illness, mental health issues can have serious consequences to your wellbeing, as you have to put up with the consequences of a condition that’s beyond your control. However, we are also living proof that these issues don’t have to take over your life- or your finances.

We think that it’s time to end the stigma around mental health issues, and it’s great to see that other people have taken up this mission, too. However, while the general problems are being more widely discussed, there’s still a lot of misinformation out there about the impact that these issues can have. For instance, people are starting to become more aware of how mental health problems can make life trickier- but they don’t realise the effect that they can have on your finances. Whether you’re unable to work due to a debilitating (yet invisible) condition, or make bad decisions with your money during a particularly bad episode, there are so many ways that debt and mental health are linked.

Financial problems can also have a serious effect on your mind, too. Constantly worrying about how much money you owe will naturally take its toll on your mental health, so you can see how these two issues relate to each other. One can very easily lead to the other, and our blog is all about highlighting this crucial point. Don’t stay in the dark with regards to debt and mental health. Instead, read our posts, and discover more about this key issue facing our society today.

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